Safety Helmet Verification System

The JSPCHECK™ system helps you to identify the authenticity of your JSP Mk Evolution® head protection. JSPCHECK™ uses your helmet's unique manufacturing barcode to give you complete product traceability. It pinpoints the exact location, time and date of manufacture to the second. Follow the simple steps below to perform the JSPCHECK™.

JSP Safety Helmets: Trusted - Tested - Traceable™

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JSP safety helmets are manufactured under both the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) and the British Standard Institution's (BSI) Kitemark™ scheme. They not only comply with but significantly exceed all relevant international performance standards. See below for a guide to the markings found on your JSP safety helmet.

The manufacturing barcode found on your JSP Mk Evolution® safety helmet is unique. Using this barcode we can access extensive production information. This includes details such as the materials used, machine settings, associated batch control, testing results as well as the location, time and date of manufacture.

JSP Manufacturing Barcode

The model stamp can be found embossed on the underside of the helmet peak and clearly identifies which Mk Evolution® helmet model it is. In this example the helmet is a JSP Mk3 Evolution® or ""EVO3®

The JSP logo is a registered trademark of JSP Ltd. It indicates the helmet is genuine and passes all relevant standards.

JSP Model Stamp
The BSI Kitemark™ evidences that the British Standard Institution independently audit JSP's QMS and regularly surveillance-test our products. This ensures strict material selection, manufacturing control and batch testing for all of our safety helmets.
BSI Kitemark
Conformity Stamp
The CE Mark is a mandatory marking for all PPE in Europe. The mark demonstrates that the safety helmet meets all requirements of the European PPE directive.
CE Mark

European standards define the minimum performance requirements of the safety helmet. All JSP safety helmets meet and exceed these requirements.

EN14052 High performance industrial helmets: Designed for higher risk environments where objects are falling or swinging. It requires crown impact testing of 100 Joules and side impact testing of 50 Joules, which is more than three times the requirements of EN397. For more information on the options of EN14052 click here

EN397 Industrial safety helmets: Designed for environments where there is a risk of falling objects only. It requires crown impact testing of 49 Joules. For more information on the options of EN397 click here

EN50365: This is an additional requirement for safety helmets used for working on live electrical installations up to 1000 volts. All of the Mk Evolution® range of safety helmets meet this standard.

The Dagger is JSP Ltd's internationally recognised symbol. This has been a trusted symbol of JSP's quality for over 40 years.
JSP Dagger

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